Cupcakes are the perfect addition to any celebration. These fun, colourful and tasty treats are sure to be a hit at your next party or event, whether it be a wedding, birthday or just about anything else!

The starting price for a single basic cupcake is $1,25 (includes an icing swirl, metallic liner and sprinkles). Additional decorations are available for a small fee (see below).

Please refer to our flavours page to see the variety we offer. 

Click on the pictures above their titles for more information.   


Our metallic cupcake liners come in an assortment of colours, and are sure to match nicely with your event's theme! 

Included in the starting price of $1,25.


The types of sprinkles we offer are coarse sugar, non-pareils, dragees and quins. 

Included in the starting price of $1,25.

Icing Techniques

We offer a variety of icing styles and techniques for your cupcakes. 

Included in the starting price of $1,25. 

Edible Image

Top off your cupcakes with a picture of your choice! Printed with edible ink. 

+ $0,75 per cupcake.

Fondant Cutouts

We make lovely designs on cupcakes using pieces of fondant. 

+ $0,75 (starting) per cupcake. 

Non-Edible Image

Top off your cupcakes with a picture of your choice! Printed on cardboard and held up by a candy stick.

+ $0,75 per cupcake.

Characters and Fondant Creations

We turn cupcakes into fun characters and fondant creations for everyone to enjoy! 

Starts at $2,50 per cupcake. 


We create stunning arrangements out of your cupcakes. We provide different types of options to best customize to your liking.

Russian Tips and Buttercream Flowers

We make beautiful flower piping designs for your cupcakes. 

Gumpaste Flowers

We create detailed gumpaste flowers for your cupcakes. Appropriate for every occasion!

Chocolate and Isomalt

We make lovely sugar art designs on your cupcakes, using chocolate and isomalt. 

Fondant Covered

Top off your cupcake with a layer of fondant! 


Our cupcake stands are free of charge with your order. However, a security deposit is required. 

This deposit is fully refundable, so long as the stand is returned to us by you in good condition. 

All of our displays are made of clear acrylic and are either round and square shaped.