Cakes for every occasion

We love making cakes for every occasion.  Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, religious celebrations, baby showers and gender reveals, retirement, graduations and other events where a cake is a perfect addition to the celebration.

Style of Cakes

There are four cake styles, a tier, slab, cake pan or 2D/3D.  Below is further information regarding each style.

Tier cakes

Tier cakes (also known as layered cakes) are two layers of cake great for a filling or buttercream icing.   Most popular shape is round.  We also have square, oval, coma, heart, pedal, hexagon, cut corner pans to choose from.   A typical tier cake is 4 - 4 1/2" high allowing for more design on the sides than a slab cake.  We have a large variety of diameter pans to choose from to suit your group size.  Our smallest single tier cake we offer is a 6" in diameter.  And the smallest two tier cake we make is a 5" top and 8" bottom.   We recommend cutting them 2"DX1"W.

Slab cakes

Slab cakes (also known as sheet cakes)  are rectangular pan cakes usually 2" high.  We use slab cakes for our edible image cakes.  They do not typically come with a filling.  Most slab cakes are more affordable than tier cakes.  Many prefer the ease of cutting a slab cake.  We offer four sizes

  • 7"X11" recommended for 15 to 18 adults
  • 9"X13" recommeded for 24 to 28 adults
  • 11"X15" recommeded for 35 to 40 adults
  • 12"X18 recommended for 54 to 60 adults

For large events we can put two large slabs together creating a 15"X22" or 18"X24" cakes, we have even done bigger ones!

Cake pans

Being in business since 1979, we have accumulated many cake pans over the years.  Not as popular as they were but still fun and an affordable option for a cake.  They are like slab cakes, as they are one layer of cake, usually do not have a filling.  Examples include dogs, cats, flowers, tractors, characters, baby carriages, cross, numbers and so on.  Please ask us if looking for a specific one.


As the title states, we create cakes usually birthday cakes in 2D/3D.  Some are more challenging then others but all are fun to make.  Most cannot be offered with any fillings due to the cutting and shaping of the cake.

Icing, Fondant and Edible image

Icing base and decoration

We make cakes completely out of icing.  

Icing base with fondant accessories

Becoming increasingly popular is cakes with an icing base and photo accessories for decoration and writting.

Icing base with edible image

Edible image cakes are usually done with icing as the base.  They are also our most affordable cakes.

Icing ruffles and rosettes

Very popular are tiered cakes with icing ruffles and rosettes.  Often used for first birthday cake photo shoots.  Two tier cakes with the bottom ruffle or rosette and top fondant is very pretty.

We can do ruffles with fondant but it is time consuming and therefor more expensive.  

Fondant covered cakes

Fondant gives cakes a beautiful finish.  We have a great tasting fondant unlike most in our area.  Most wedding cakes and 2D/3D cakes are fondant.

If you do not want fondant on your cake do not choose a cake made out of fondant as it usually ends up in disappointment.

Fondant and edible image

A great way to decorate a cake is with edible image for the logos

Above is just a sample of the options available.  The possibilities seem endless.  We are here to help you through the process to ensure that you get the cake that you want.


Cake prices are based first on the hours needed to complete the order and then material needed.  Two same size cakes can have considerable different decorating time base on the design.

It is difficult for us to quote a cake without us knowing the particular details of your order.  We insist on exchanging photos to ensure we are envisioning the same thing.  It doesn't need to be a replica but a good starting point with colors, saying, ect all being customized for you.

We are happy to make any type of cake, from very simple to very elaborate.

In general, edible image slab cakes are our most affordable cakes along with pan cakes and ruffle and rosette tier cakes.  

We also need to account for the time to take your order, bake your cake(s), make icing and of course dishes.

Other items to keep in mind is the fillings, flowers if any, fondant on the board, color of fondant (red, black and blue are more expensive), is the writting piped, cutouts or taps-its.  Most characters on the cake is purchased by the client rather than sourced by us.  Fondant characters made on cakes are usually added to the basic price of our two tier.

Email us with a photo you found (does not need to be from ones we made), any changes you'd like and the size/amount of guests you are expecting and we would be happy to quote you.